Janneke van Dijk

I help women reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle

H i, I’m Janneke van Dijk. I believe a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle are possible for everyone. I believe that a body shouldn’t hold you back but support you so you can start your day with energy and live up to your most beautiful ambitions.


Janneke van Dijk

I created the Busy Being Healthy eBook which you can use independently or you can join my 6-week program. In addition, I provide personalized nutrition advice and online coaching.

You can follow my 6-week program and online coaching from the comfort of your own home. Coaching takes place through video calls, email, and WhatsApp: the only thing you need is a computer, laptop or smartphone with camera and sound.


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Are we a perfect match?

I am a suitable coach for you if:

  • You are open to a (more) plant-based diet.

  • You not only want to create a healthy diet, but also a healthy lifestyle.

  • You are committed to doing the work. The more time you commit, the better your results will be.

Does this sound like you? Go ahead, choose the service you need and get started. 

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Get inspired by the women I have helped to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle.

“Janneke has made me aware of what I eat. I learned how to eat healthier without it being difficult. By adding more vegetables, fruits, and nuts, my diet is much healthier now. After just one month I totally got the hang of it and I now eat vegetables, fruits, and nuts on a regular basis.”

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